Family friendly culture

Strong company culture is one of the best ways to attract potential agents like you. Not only will a positive culture help recruitment efforts, but it will also help retain top talent as well. Job satisfaction is higher at eFund Insurance due to our positive family friendly culture.

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Taking suitable risks, inspiring teams at the right time, striking a balance between firm and humble, and more. But the result of good leadership is always the same: Our Telesales Agents are brought into a mission and able to move towards a goal. Leadership is a hugely important factor for eFund Insurance.

We have created a culture of trust. Our Telesales Agents trust the people they work for and they are confident that they will be treated with fairness, respect, and honesty. Through a combination of talent, drive, and hard work, our team is leading the organization to new levels year over year.

Grow off our culture.

Job satisfaction.

It’s no surprise that job satisfaction is higher at companies with a positive family friendly culture. Companies who invest in the well-being of their Agents will be rewarded with happy, dedicated Agents.


Agents are much more likely to come together as a team at companies with a strong culture. A positive family friendly culture facilitates social interaction, teamwork, and open communication. This collaboration can lead to some amazing results.

Work performance.

Strong company cultures have been linked to higher rates of productivity. This is because Agents tend to be more motivated and dedicated to companies that invest in their well-being and happiness. Maintaining a positive family friendly company culture is a guaranteed way to boost Agent morale. Agents will naturally feel happier and enjoy their work more when they work in a positive environment.

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Many of you may be looking to make a change in your career. You may have learned that you want more out of your career and are looking for something more fulfilling or you may have lost your job during the economic upheaval of the pandemic. 

eFund Insurance is one of the fastest-growing final expense telesales agencies in the country. Since 2012 eFund Insurance has been recognized by American Amicable Group as a Top Insurance Marketing Organization.